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Beth Anderson

Thought I knew you well

22 July
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character bio

Name: Beth Christina Anderson

Born: July 22nd 1983

Marital Status: Single

Lives: Edinbrgh, Scotland

Occupation: Teacher, photographer

Family: Mother - Alice, and Father - Graham, both live in Edinburgh.

Appearance: 5'5", brunette, blue-green eyes, slender

Beth Christina Anderson is a single child born to Alice and Graham in Edinburgh, Scotland. She's lived there her whole life, and is a proud Scot through and through. She grew up wanting to be a photographer, and from a very early age learned how to see life through a lens. She works hard on her own images, but the unstable income and life as an artist has had to be supplemented through her career as a teacher. She's been lucky in that she can teach art and photography at a local high school, and can be surrounded by her passion and share it with the kids.

Beth was introduced to Riley Browne by longtime friend and high school love interest (it lasted all of five minutes), Lachlan Campbell. Riley was in Edinburgh to complete his medical degree, and Beth was interested in him right away. Their first night meeting each other ended in a walk home and a kiss in the rain while going through the Princes Street Garden. The two were together for ten months before Riley's job offer at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital seemed to bring it to an abrupt end. Beth couldn't understand why he needed to leave Scotland to become a doctor, and she also couldn't leave to go with him because of her job as a teacher. It's been two months since they've broken up, and Beth hasn't really gotten over him. She may never get over him.

Beth Christina Anderson is an original creation by the mun and as such, should not be stolen, used, or borrowed for any reason without express permission. This journal is for RP and fic writing purposes only. I am not Rachel McAdams, and her image is only used to give Beth a face.

Beth isn't associated with any fandoms, but she is linked to original characters in the House, M.D. fandom.

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